Meet Your Body

Ep. 53 - How to Prepare for Surgery

January 11, 2024 Jessica Valant Season 2 Episode 53
Meet Your Body
Ep. 53 - How to Prepare for Surgery
Show Notes

Having surgery can be a major life event. If it's something you need to go through at any point, it's important to know how to prepare so you can set yourself up for the best possible outcomes.

In today's episode, Jessica talks you through nine specific things to help you prepare for any major surgery. These include the importance of asking questions of your doctors, moving your body prior to surgery, knowing what you'll need when you get home from the hospital and more.

Jessica draws on her experience as a physical therapist, as well as her personal journey with four previous major surgeries. At the time of this recording, Jessica herself is preparing for another surgery and will be taking her own advice to heart.

These tips and steps are invaluable for anyone preparing for their own surgery!

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Jessica Valant and Jessica Valant Pilates, LLC, recommend you consult with a physician before starting any new exercise program. The information given here is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition.