Meet Your Body

Ep. 52 - Setting Goals For The New Year

January 04, 2024 Jessica Valant Season 2 Episode 52
Meet Your Body
Ep. 52 - Setting Goals For The New Year
Show Notes

It's the new year, which means everyone is talking about resolutions and goal setting. In today's episode, Jessica talks to you about her personal process for setting goals in the new year. She'll discuss:

  • The scientific value of setting goals
  • Why using a different word - such as intention - may help in the process
  • How you need to first determine how you want to FEEL before setting any kind of goal
  • The reasons we sometimes don't reach the goals we set
  • Why she is choosing to start the "new year" in March instead of January 1st this year

Join in on this casual conversation around setting goals and how to make this a motivational and personal practice.

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