Meet Your Body

Ep. 51 - Back to the Beginning

December 28, 2023 Jessica Valant Season 2 Episode 52
Meet Your Body
Ep. 51 - Back to the Beginning
Show Notes

It's common to feel discouraged when it seems we are "back at the beginning".

Whether it's an injury, change in job status, relationship or other unforeseen bump in the road, it's easy to have a sense of defeat that we have to start over.

But what if there is something to be embraced about the beginning? What if we reframe the narrative and find something positive about starting over?

As we enter the new year - and Jessica enters a fork in the road in her own life - she discusses the inevitability of being at the beginning. She goes through the two main concepts to understand about being a beginner and how to step into your own power - even when starting over.

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