Meet Your Body

Ep. 48 - LIMITING THOUGHTS SERIES! - Your Body As The Enemy

November 30, 2023 Jessica Valant Season 2 Episode 48
Meet Your Body
Ep. 48 - LIMITING THOUGHTS SERIES! - Your Body As The Enemy
Show Notes

In the third episode of our limiting thoughts series, Jessica discusses the need to let go of the false idea that your body is the enemy.

Society sets us up to believe we are many different parts and that our minds and our bodies are separate. We develop an idea that our bodies are "bad" and need to be mastered by our minds. When we experience chronic pain, injuries, trauma, illness or disappointment, this becomes even more prevalent.

In today's episode, Jessica talks about the history of this thought process and how it has caused tremendous damage to our relationship with our own body. She talks to you about the moment she realized her body was her partner in this life and that she could work with it and honor it - even in the midst of auto immune disease, infertility and more.

This episode is imperative for everyone who has ever looked at their body as the enemy. You'll learn how to take the first steps towards believing in the worth and value of your body and the importance of walking through life as partners with your body.

Join Jessica and Meet Your Body for this powerful series on common limiting thoughts and beliefs. You'll leave with actionable tips so that you can get out of your own way and learn to celebrate who you are and what you can do!

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