Meet Your Body

Ep. 47 - LIMITING THOUGHTS SERIES! - All Or Nothing Mentality

November 15, 2023 Jessica Valant
Meet Your Body
Ep. 47 - LIMITING THOUGHTS SERIES! - All Or Nothing Mentality
Show Notes

In the second episode of our limiting thoughts series, Jessica talks about the ways the All of Nothing Mentality can hold you back.

In the health and fitness world, it's easy to think it needs to be all or nothing. We feel we need to do a full hour workout or it's not worth it. We think we need to workout every single day or we might as well not workout at all. We assume every workout needs to be the hardest we've ever done or it doesn't help.

None of those are true! Those thoughts can actually cause feelings of discouragement and defeat that lead us to quit a health or fitness program all together.

In today's episode we will smash the limiting thought of believing our movement and health habits need to be all or nothing! We will talk through the reality of maintaining a movement program in real life and the power of consistency and patience.

Join Jessica and Meet Your Body for this powerful series on common limiting thoughts and beliefs. You'll leave with actionable tips so that you can get out of your own way and learn to celebrate who you are and what you can do!

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