Meet Your Body

Ep. 41 - Prolapse Series - All About Prolapse Surgery

September 27, 2023 Jessica Valant Season 2 Episode 41
Meet Your Body
Ep. 41 - Prolapse Series - All About Prolapse Surgery
Show Notes

In the final episode of our prolapse series, Jessica discusses everything you need to know about pelvic organ prolapse surgery.

While only a small percentage of women with a prolapse will need surgery, it's important for those who do to feel empowered within the process. Jessica experienced major pelvic reconstruction and prolapse repair surgery four years ago and openly shares her own experience, as well as the information you need to know about the process. In this episode of Meet Your Body, you'll learn about:

- The different kinds of prolapse repair surgery.
- Why you'll never feel one hundred percent ready for surgery.
- Everything you need to ask your surgeon prior to surgery.
- The most pain Jessica was in after surgery (and how it resolved!).
- What you can expect from surgery recovery.

Join Jessica as she gives you the knowledge you need to move forward in your own prolapse and health journey.

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