Meet Your Body

Ep. 40 - Prolapse Series - Prolapse and Exercise

September 20, 2023 Jessica Valant Season 2 Episode 40
Meet Your Body
Ep. 40 - Prolapse Series - Prolapse and Exercise
Show Notes

One of the most misunderstood topics involving a pelvic organ prolapse is how to exercise safely. In today's episode of Meet Your Body, Jessica will dive into this topic and help you feel safe and confident exercising with a prolapse.

She will first discuss the two reasons you need to be exercising even with a prolapse, and will then dive into the top strategies to be aware of as you incorporate exercise safely into your life (and yes, you can still lift weights and do squats!)

Listen in as Jessica talks you through the important subject of prolapse safe exercises and how to feel control over your own movement again.

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Jessica Valant and Jessica Valant Pilates, LLC, recommend you consult with a physician before starting any new exercise program. The information given here is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition.