Meet Your Body

Ep. 37 - What to Expect As You Age

August 28, 2023 Jessica Valant Season 2 Episode 1
Meet Your Body
Ep. 37 - What to Expect As You Age
Show Notes

In a recent discussion with a client, Jessica realized that there isn't enough information to guide us as we age. There are natural changes that do occur as we get older, and by understanding these, we can empower ourselves to manage them, create strategies and continue to live life to the fullest!

In today's episode of Meet Your Body, Jessica goes through the specific changes that happen in our bodies as we age (specifically for women). She then discusses steps we can take to help navigate these changes.

This conversation is laced with compassion, humor and gratitude as Jessica hopes to create an optimistic narrative around aging and how we walk through this world as women over forty.

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