Meet Your Body

Ep. 36 - My Own Experience with Chronic Stress & Anxiety

July 25, 2023 Jessica Valant Season 1 Episode 36
Meet Your Body
Ep. 36 - My Own Experience with Chronic Stress & Anxiety
Show Notes

Jessica would never have described herself as an anxious or stressed person growing up. Then, in her early 20's, she experienced firsthand the physical issues that can arise after living with chronic stress. In this Meet Your Body episode, Jessica tells her own story of what led to that life changing time and some of the strategies she learned in order to move forward.

Jessica then talks about how chronic stress manifested again later in life and the affects it had on her nervous system and body.

Finally, she'll give you the specific steps she's taken in the past two years to regulate her own nervous system, eliminate chronic stress and find a place of peace and hope.

This is a vulnerable and honest discussion around the pressures we put on ourselves, the harmful affects of trying to please everyone and what we can do in order to feel our best and contribute to our communities.

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