Meet Your Body

Ep. 34 - How I Don't Balance It All

July 10, 2023 Jessica Valant Season 1 Episode 34
Meet Your Body
Ep. 34 - How I Don't Balance It All
Show Notes

Jessica recently received a message commenting on her busy life and asking how she does it all. This led her to record this podcast explaining her secret - she doesn't do it all!

In this episode of Meet Your Body, Jessica discusses how many of us were raised thinking we should be able to "do it all" and how that's led to us feeling shame and defeat when we actually can't do it all. She talks about the a-ha moment she had that led to her letting certain things go, and the three steps she takes now to try to get things done while also avoiding burnout and stress.

If you've ever felt like you aren't doing enough, get ready for an episode that will help you lift and lighten some of that burden.

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