Meet Your Body

Ep.1 - The Lessons I've Learned From My Body

October 12, 2022 Jessica Valant Season 1 Episode 1
Meet Your Body
Ep.1 - The Lessons I've Learned From My Body
Show Notes

In today’s episode of Meet Your Body, Jessica gives you a behind the scenes look into her own health journey and how she ultimately became a champion for people going through similar experiences. You’ll hear about her diagnosis with endometriosis at the age of 25, her multiple surgeries, experience with infertility, how she learned to advocate for herself and ultimately how she came to feel strong and confident in her body. You’ll also hear a story from her past she’s never shared publicly before (and how that helped shape who she is today and the work she does). Our hope is that you relate to these stories and feel hope knowing you aren’t alone in your own health journey!

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